De-Branding / Re-Branding (DBRB)

Goal : Our OEM client was concerned of protecting their Brand and wanted to Recover some value from returning inventory without conflicting with existing channels and brand.

Achieved : Returned inventory that was previously scrapped, was instead re-sold for significant value.

The Vivitech DBRB Solution :
Our client was very concerned about channel conflict and brand protection. However, they had significant high value Returns inventory that could not be sold into their primary channels. Vivitech proposed a long term contract with fixed pricing to act as the return center and receive returns from the OEM clients. Upon receipt of the products, Vivitech would be required to immediately purchase the units based upon a pre determined pricing formula set forth under the contract. Vivitech would then repair, refurbish as well as De-Brand and Re-Brand the products according to strict OEM guidelines, and then package the units in Re-Branded Vivitech designed packaging to be distributed through Vivitech channels.