About Us

Vivitech Solutions, Inc. is a provider of tailor-made Reverse Logistics and Product Returns solutions specializing in assisting OEM manufacturers maximize ROI, achieve greater efficiency and minimize the occurrence of obsolete and “at-risk” inventory.

Inventory management is the life blood of supply chain operations, however, returned inventory management is easily one of the most overlooked, undervalued aspects of the product life cycle. When handling inventory, returns or dead stock, time is your worst enemy. Vivitech provides cost effective solutions to help you manage your reverse logistics and repair operations. In addition, we can arrange for a total buyout of your excess and return stock.

Our solutions can be tailored to meet any OEM’s specific needs, so that they can focus on their core business. We have an innovative cloud-based RL System which can be integrated with OEM’s system, which allows our OEM partners to see real-time progress and disposition of returned inventory. We deliver OEM partners only the highest quality service there is on quality.

Tailored Solutions – We can design a program to meet your OEM specifications.

Cost Effective – Best rates possible for repair work.

Global Sales Reach – Ability to move At-Risk products globally based on OEM’s direction to avoid channel conflict.

Leading Edge IT Systems and Capabilities – Cloud-based RL System allows our OEM partner’s a secured login and access the necessary data and reports and view products disposition in real-time and allows integration with OEM client systems.

For further inquiries or would like to discuss, send email to info@vivitech-solutions.com